Welcome to the Park City Hotel - Tamsui Taipei...


Simple element, modern concept, and fashion style are what we believe to create the unique charming characteristic of the hotel,which brings you a charming public area and your own cozy private space.

Forest Business Center

Get everything done at our exclusive overnight guest mobile office. This offers internet access, fax, photocopy, telephone, and special deliveries. With every function a business person may need, we make sure our guests are able to stay ahead in their work.

  • Opening Hours:7:00-24:00
  • Location:2F

Wellness Center

Our multifunction gym can help our guests stay in shape and feel energetic all day! With a specious design and French windows, you can train while enjoying the view of nature outside.

  • Opening Hours:7:00-24:00
  • Location:3F

Ocean Laundry

Park City provides a self-service Laundromat which allows our guests to have freshly laundered clothes each and every day. Specially designed with ozone disinfection makes sure that all clothes are fresh and clean.

  • Opening Hours:7:00-24:00
  • Location:3F